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Dear Analog Music Lovers
Listen to the music of your vinyl records
Using Laser light, no Needles
No wear or damage, and incredible sound
The ELP Laser Turntable plays in pure analog without any digitization
Each system is handmade since 1989 exclusively
Let us make one for you
The ELP Laser Turntable is dream come true
Special Opportunity
Click Here No Contact and No Wear

Vinyl records have more information than you know!

Sounds are put on Vinyl records from the top to the bottom of a record Groove. The old Record stylus or Needle sees the sound at the bottom. Our Lasers are better because they can see the sounds on the top as described below. Usually the top is NOT damaged! The Lasers play music with much better quality than a record Stylus or Needle, because there is No Contact.

A Laser never touches your Vinyl record, and will never hurt it. Also, Laser reproduces the music in Analog without any digitization.The sound from the Laser is the True sound made by the singers and musicians.

Flat Picture of LP Grooves
taken by electron microscope (magnified 250 times)

Reflection Angle of Laser
transfered into the Sound

The ELP Laser Turntable system Special Opportunity
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  • The Laser Turntable has 5 Laser Beams.
  • The First 2 beams aim at both shoulders at the left groove and right for tracking purposes.
  • The Next 2 beams read the Audio Signal, closer to the shoulder.
  • The Last beam is for the height control between laser head and the surface of record to manage thick or warped records.
Major Features of the ELP Laser Turntable. (No Contact and No Wear)
  • The Laser consistently reads only pure Analog Audio Signals, without any digitization.
  • The Laser picks up Audio Signals which have never been touched or damaged by Needles and reproduces Original Sound precisely as engraved on vinyl records.
  • If the Audio Signal being read by the Laser Beam is at the standard position and has been seriously damaged by older, larger-sized needles, the position read by the beam can be changed up or down to adjust for sound quality.

Know About LT

Lasers are so accurate that they play every particle of dirt and dust on the records, rather than pushing them aside as a conventional stylus would. The LT creates a lot of Noise and or Groove Skipping if the Record is too dusty. However, the cleaner your records get, the better the LT sounds, and the Noise lessens.

Professional sound engineers in Japan listened and determined that the Sound Quality of our Laser Turntable approaches the original sound on a master tape.

With the purest, sweetest Analog Playback
The laser “sees” and plays the music that a stylus misses !

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Reported by
Sanju Chiba,President & CEO
ELP Corporation, Japan

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