Stylus vs Laser

The Laser Sound Quality is different from Stylus.

Why LT only from ELP ?

Due to CD generation, all companies refused LT technology, except ELP Japan

How can I listen to LT ?

Now you can listen to the laser sound quality on line or listen to your own favorite records by LT at the LT owner’s place.

LT Technology

Laser Sound Quality is quite similar to the original sound in a master tape, due to No contact.

New Price for Current Master Series

LT Users' Opinions

LT owners been utilizing Laser Turntable for,
(1)Listening to Analog Music in vinyl records when they have a plenty time.
(2)Digitizing analog music in vinyl records for CD format to enjoy music at busy time.


ELP Canada Agent

Quebec Mr. Erik Berthlot,

How To Earn LT From ELP