"Uncompressed, Non-Digitized, Pure Analog Audio & No Physical Contact"

Because There’s No Contact, Laser Reproduces Pure Analog Audio Better than any Stylus

Learn About New Master Series

The ELP LT-Master #3

The LT-Master Series is our latest design. This range of units features a range of playback and album size options, as well as thoughtful add-on features. Learn and Order.

Listen to the LT

The ELP LT-Classic

Now you can listen to the laser sound quality online or listen to your own favorite records at a current Laser Turntable owner’s place. Click to read more.

Meet Sanju Chiba


Sanju Chiba, CEO and Founder of ELP

Mr. Chiba founded ELP over 20 years ago. His team of engineers builds each Laser Turntable by hand to impeccable quality.

LT Master 3

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