Needle vs Laser

Know the difference between Needle Turntable and the Laser Turntable?

Why LT only from ELP ?

When every other company stepped back, ELP was the only company that stood behind the LT.

How can I listen to LT ?

Now you can listen to the Laser Sound Quality on line or listen to your own favorite Records by LT at the LT Owner’s place.

LT Technology

Laser Sound Quality is quite similar to the original sound in a master tape, due to No Contact.

Recent Testimonials

Dear Mr. Chiba,

I Love it. Cannot stop Listening to it.There are no problems with the Unit and it came in perfect condition.

Best wishes,
—Mr. Lopez.,USA

Dear ELP Corporation,

I have been enjoying my LT-1XRC for almost 10 years now.It is always a joy to listen to the music it plays.

Best wishes,
— Jim P.,USA

Dear Mr. Chiba,

The ELP-turntable works perfect, I enjoy listening to old and new records almost every...

Best Regards,
— Prof. Dr. Burke, Germany

Dear ELP Corporation,

The LT successfully arrived today without any problems. Thanks for the excellent packaging!

Best Wishes,
— mr. t.lelkes, slovakia

How To Earn LT From ELP